Sunday, August 16, 2015

Should you make your own card bases?


When I began making cards, I bought a lot of precut card bases with matching envelopes. It was easy and great for a beginner! As I spent more and more money replenishing my stash of card bases/envelopes, I started to wonder if it would be better to make my own bases. 

Pre-cut and scored card bases are convenient, but I think you sacrifice quality when you use them. I began making my own card bases out of 110 lb cardstock, and haven't looked back! There is no comparison when it comes to thickness. The pre-cut ones seem more like a 65 lb. cardstock or maybe 80 lb., at best. I also found that many of the pre-cut bases are either scored or cut a little off, so when you fold it and crease it, the ends don't meet up and the back half sticks out. It's too frustrating to have to cut down an already small card base just to even out the sides!

Making my own bases allows me to have some quality control, and if you choose to sell your cards, this is of the upmost importance. A thicker cardstock amps up the card's feel and overall presentation. I also think it is cheaper. A package of 100 sheets of cardstock makes 200 bases and costs about the same as a pack of 50 bases/envelopes. I would rather use a 40% coupon off my cardstock and buy a separate pack of envelopes (I get 50 for $2.50 or cheaper)! 

If you don't know how to make the perfect A2 card base, here's how!
1. Cut an 8.5" by 11" sheet of cardstock in half at the 5.5" mark on the long side. This creates two bases.
2. Score the cardstock down the middle at 4.25". I use the Martha Stewart Mini Scoreboard. If you don't have a scoreboard, have no fear! You can use the ridge in your paper trimmer where the blade slides and instead of cutting, use a stylus or bone folder. Some trimmers even have a scoring "blade" for this purpose. You could just fold the base in half, but scoring prevents the paper from cracking at the fold. It's so much neater when you score!
3. Fold the card at the score line. Use the back of your bone folder to really make sure you have a nice crease by running it over the top of the card at the fold.
4. Done! How easy was that? You now have 2 card bases in no time!

I have been sharing a some craft space organization with you lately, and I have to include some of that in this post! I have a drawer dedicated to my card bases and envelopes. It's so easy just to open this drawer up and grab a base and begin! I primarily make cards with white or kraft bases, so the drawer only contains the two I make the most often.

I hope this helped you if you're new to the crafting world or weren't sure if you should make your own bases or not. Thanks for stopping by!

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