Saturday, July 4, 2015

Simple DIY Personalized Sign Using Repurposed Cardboard Letters

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The other day I found some old cardboard letters that I used years ago on a project. I liked the font, but I wasn't a huge fan of the patterns and colors that were printed on them. Since I recently updated my website to reflect my new logo and its fun turquoise and purple color combination, I wanted to make a coordinating sign to hang in my craft space using these letters. This project could easily be recreated to feature your initials and favorite colors. By using paint and supplies I already had around the house, I was able to make this project for about $2 (canvas panel price). 

These are what the letters looked like before being painted! 

I began by taking the letters and painting them with two coats of a light gray acrylic craft paint. Once they were dry, I used a pencil with an unused eraser at the end to add my layers of dots. All I did was stamp the eraser in the different paint colors of my logo and press them onto the letters. I stamped individual layers of each of the colors until the letters were covered all over  with different colored dots.

I then took an 8x10 canvas panel and painted it a light turquoise color. I used a foam paintbrush for this background color because I knew I could use the circular end of the wood handle to stamp polka dots along the edge of the panel to create a border. I simply repeated the process I used to paint the letters to create the canvas border with the end of the wood handle. 

To adhere the letters to the canvas, you can use hot glue or even a dry adhesive. I used my Scotch ATG. It will be interesting to see how well this adhesive holds over time!

I wanted to be able to hang the sign up on the wall, so I added a lavender ribbon to the upper two back corners. I like how it turned out. It didn't take much time at all to make, and it was an easy project to break up all the card making I was doing.

I hope you enjoyed this simple, but easy to personalize project! Thanks for visiting!

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