Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shaker Card 101: 4 Quick Beginner Tips

I have begun making shaker cards recently, and I have realized there is quite a learning curve when figuring out how to make them. They can be frustrating to make because the shaker windows are so easy to mess up if something isn't lined up correctly or if you don't use the right adhesive, so I wanted to create a list of tips to keep in mind when you're creating!

1. If you are unfamiliar with how to make shaker cards, I suggest watching a few YouTube tutorials before you start. Kristina Werner is a wonderful card maker and she has quite a few videos on her channel that will help you get started. I had watched some shaker videos in the past, but I should have refreshed my memory before I began making them! I probably wild have saved myself some time and effort if I had a better plan for my shaker window. 

2. Make sure that your sequins have room to move! I used a foam sheet to die cut part of the frame for my shaker window. Whether you use foam tape or die cut your own, make sure that it is thick enough so that your sequins don't get trapped between the plastic and the card front. The 3M foam tape works well and you can cut it and adhere it in whatever shape you need. If you do die cut the thin foam sheets you can buy in the kid's craft aisle like I did, be careful!! I die cut a circle frame out of this foam and it stretched out and warped so much when I pulled it out of the die. Be careful when getting it out of the die to avoid having it stretch. If it does stretch, I cut an opening in my circle and adhered the foam carefully inch by inch around the circle and cut the remainder of the foam off when I had made it all the way around.

3. Be careful with what adhesive you use to glue the acetate to the foam. I didn't wait for my Tombow Mono Multi glue to dry, and some of my sequins got glued to the inner part of the frame. Oops! If you did what I did and didn't use thick enough foam or let the sequins glue themselves to the frame/other sequins, the shaker card doesn't work too well! The sequins become way too hard to shake.  Make sure you wait for your glue to dry completely and that you don't accidentally smear some on the plastic and make a mess.

4. Find materials you can recycle to make shaker cards with! Acetate sheets and transparencies can be quite expensive. Instead, look for old report covers or packaging you can use for the clear part of your shaker window! I used a baby wipe to clean off the plastic and they were ready to go. 

I hope these tips help you if you are new to shaker cards! They are so beautiful when done carefully, and they are well worth the effort!

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