Friday, June 19, 2015

My Current Favorite Crafting Tools

I love trying new products, but it takes time to develop a true favorite. On this page, I will list my favorite products for each category. I will update this as necessary as my favorites change, but that takes time! I hope to add my favorite stamping mounts/blocks, paper trimmer, and crafting mat soon.

Favorite Scoring Tool:
Martha Stewart Mini Score Board: I absolutely love this product! It is the perfect size for card makers and isn't as bulky as her regular sized scoring board. It is very inexpensive, yet it is something I will never have to replace. I love that provides suggested card and envelope sizes on the back and has grooves to make envelopes that correspond with your card's sizes.

Favorite Corner Rounder:
We R Memory Keepers Corner Rounder: I have yet to find another corner rounder that is as durable and easy to use as this tool. This corner chomper produces flawless results every time I use it, and it is comfortable to grip no matter what thickness the paper is that I am cutting through.

Favorite Cutting Tools:
Fiskars Craft Knife: I love the durability of my Fiskars craft knife. Teresa Collins for Fiskars has also come out with a beautiful pink one if you aren't a fan of the traditional Fiskar orange. 

At this time, I do not have a favorite paper trimmer. I am currently using one by Fiskars, but I have had many issues with it shredding paper and cutting unevenly. 

Tim Holtz Scissors: These are the best craft scissors! They provide a very comfortable grip and cut cleanly. I have not had any issues with them getting dull, and they cut well through so many different materials. I haven't had too much trouble with the blades getting sticky, either. They are advertised as non-stick scissors, but if they do get sticky, a little rubbing alcohol can help!

Favorite Adhesives:
Tombow Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive: This is a wonderful adhesive because it allows the user to stamp with it to add tape to small areas. It is the best runner I have used because it is more versatile than most because of this stamp feature. I find that it runs out of tape quickly and the refills can be hard to manage. I recommend watching a few Youtube videos on how to properly load the dispenser because it can be tricky and leave you with a ruined roll of tape.

I am looking to try a new tape runner, and I am interested in the Scotch ATG gun. The tool itself is more of an investment, but I am pleased with how much tape is on a refill roll and how inexpensive the refills are with a coupon.

*UPDATE: I purchased the pink Scotch ATG from Michael's, and it has proved to be a wonderful tool! It can be tricky to refill, but the adhesive is strong and lasts a very long time. It is great when mass producing cards, as I don't have to stop to refill often.

Xyron Sticker Maker: If you use small embellishments on your cards, this may be a good tool to research! I love being able to make stickers to add to my cards and it is a great way to adhere small pieces to a card. It is also helpful as I make stickers to go on the back of my cards to indicate that they are handmade. 

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