Sunday, June 7, 2015

Card Layout Design Sheets

Hello crafters!

I am a frequent watcher of crafting YouTube videos, and I recently stumbled upon a video by Deanna Gonzolas of Deanna's Craft Room. She made a wonderful video about having a card layout binder that you can use when you are making cards to pick out which layouts you want to use.
(Here is the link to this video:

While I do take pictures of most of the cards I make, I sometimes forget the layouts I have use in the past. Sometimes, I sit down to make a card and have no idea what layout to use, so a tool like a card layout binder is very helpful.

I am planning on making a binder very similar to the one she references in the video, but for the time being, I am using a worksheet I designed to sketch out my favorite layouts.

On this worksheet, I created 10 different rectangles using Microsoft Word. This took two minutes to do, and it has already become such a valuable tool! Five of the rectangles are portrait and five are landscape, so that I can have a variety of sketches. I printed five of these worksheets out and stapled them together to draw my sketches on until I am ready to start making my layout binder.

I am excited to continue making sketches of my favorite layouts. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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